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Referee Downloads & Tools

National League Forms

Update Referee Availability Through ASSIGNR website (click here)

(NEW!) Official Game Report Form 2014-15 coming soon (Web form)

Referee Expense form 2013-14(.doc format)(pdf-print only)

Disciplinary form (pdf-editable)

Disciplinary report guidelines (pdf-print only)

(NEW!) Officials Administration Guidelines (pdf-print only)



2014-15  National League Referee Shirts available soon!

2014-15  National League Referee Shirts available soon!

Additional Apparel ( Jackets, Bags etc.)  Referee online store

Magnetic BoardReferee Tactics Boards are available to purchase for basketballscotland registered  referees only! e-mail to:

basketballscotland Possession Arrow (pdf-print only)

basketballscotland Blank Scoresheet (pdf-print only)

FIBA STATS + download instructions (pdf)

Pre Game Game Card            PRE GAME CARD 2-3 MAN MECH Final (pdf-print only)

Officials Commission Minutes (Click Here)

NEW!!!        Douglas Bader Officiating Scholarship       NEW!!!   

Description of Douglas Bader Officiating Scholarship (pdf print only)

Douglas Bader Officiating Scholarship Application Form (Word Document)


National League and Cup Regulations

basketballscotland Regulations and Code of Conduct:  CLICK HERE

Educational Material


Order FIBA Europe Teaching Materials DVD, basketballscotland Referee DVD and/or FIBA No Charge Semi Circle DVD (Click Here)

2010 Rule Changes – Scotland

Administration for Basketball Referees

Personal Performance Principles

Ten Cs of Officiating

Referee Assessment Guidelines

Referee Assessment Form


FIBA Documents

FIBA Official Rule Changes Presentation 2010

FIBA Official Basketball Rules 2010

FIBA Official Basketball Rules 2010 – Interpretations

FIBA New Court Markings 2010

FIBA Official Rules 2 Person Officiating 2010

FIBA Official Rules 3 Person Officiating 2010

FIBA Basketball Equipment 2010

FIBA Official Basketball Rules 2008


Historical Information

Scottish FIBA Referees

OC Annual report 2013 (doc)


Officiating Courses

Following an update to the Officiating section of the basketballscotland website, further information will be available in the near future regarding all Referee, Table Official and Statistics courses. We offer the following courses-;

Table Officials;   Level 1, Level 2, Level 3

Referees;               Getting Started, Level 1, *

Statistics;             Level 1, Level 2

* Referees who wish to upgrade to Level 2 or Level 3 should apply to be upgraded through the respective upgrade workshop and assessment programme using the contact details below. Click the link for a copy of the Referee Pathway

If you are an individual interested in attending a Referee,  Table Officials or Statisticians course or would like to organise a course, please contact the basketballscotland Head Office on 0131 317 7260 or email

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