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The UK Coaching Certificate (UKCC) aims to support coaches to develop their ‘how to’ skills while integrating various technical and tactical areas of the sport. The UKCC Basketball course programme has been designed to help you fulfil the identified roles below:

UKCC Qualification What the qualified coach will be able to do:
Level 4 Generate, direct and evaluate the process and outcome of long term/specialist coaching programmes
Level 3 Plan, implement, analyse and revise annual coaching programmes
Level 2 Prepare for, deliver and review coaching session(s)
Level 1 Assist more qualified coaches, delivering aspects of coaching sessions, normally under direct supervision


Level 1

SQA Course Code: G8HK44

The Level 2 course registration form is available here

This is the basic level of coaching qualification for those who wish to commit to coaching basketball. This course provides each candidate with the basic knowledge of basketball and coaching skills and will enable the holder to assist a fully qualified Level 2 Coach.

On successful completion of the Level 1 Certificate in Coaching Basketball, candidates should be able to:

  • demonstrate an ability to safely organise and supervise basketball activities, including group coaching and using pre-planned coaching session cards
  • promote and establish working relationships and high standards of behaviour with players, coaches, parents and officials in the overall development of basketball
  • demonstrate an understanding of:
    • generic coaching skills
    • basketball-specific coaching skills
    • coach and performer/player development
    • health and safety
    • working with parents
    • basic rules/laws of basketballs
    • demonstrate an ability to identify and adapt basketball activities and sessions for a variety of different age groups
  • demonstrate an awareness of further personal development opportunities in basketball


Candidates are required to:

  • be a minimum of 16 years of age on day 1 of the course
  • have previous experience of playing basketball or be able to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of theory and practice of playing basketball

Candidates are not required to complete the Getting Started course before attending the UKCC Level 1 Certificate in Coaching Basketball.

The Level 1 course registration form is available  here

The Level 1 course costs £170 per candidate. Candidates can apply for a scholaship from sportscotland to reduce the cost of the course to £85. Visit our coach funding page for further information.

A number of Level 1 course have now taken place. Some feedback from the candidates is offered below:

What aspect of the course did you learn the most from?

“When we all took sessions it was good to see different styles”

“practical experiences from coaching and the feedback given”

What advice would you give to someone about to start this course?

“be confident, listen to others and ask if you are unsure”

“try to think as a coach rather than a player”

“be open to others ideas”

The Level 1 course was recently subject to internal verification. The report back was very positive, noting that:

… the feedback from the observational assessments was good, clear and concise… each assessors paperwork was consistent across the board. All the assessors were positive and supportive to the candidate coaches...”

The Level 1 course was also recently subject to an external verification visit by the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA). The SQA noted that:

…the candidates had been given good feedback and advice from their assessor…

Level 2

SQA Course Code: G8JC45

The Level 2 course registration form is available here

This level of coaching qualification provides a prospective coach with a general overview of all aspects of basketball and sports coaching and enables the holder the ability to work independently to plan, deliver and review basketball coaching sessions without supervision.

On successful completion of the courses, candidates should be able to:

  • establish an effective, fair and equitable coaching environment
  • establish a safe coaching environment
  • revire participants needs and establish goals for coaching sessions
  • produce plans for sessions that support participants development
  • plan for the evaluation of sessions
  • prepare participants for coaching sessions
  • establish and maintain working relationships with participants and others
  • deliver coaching sessions
  • develop participants performance
  • conclude coaching sessions
  • evaluate participants performance and the effectiveness of sessions
  • monitor personal coaching practice


Candidates are required to:

  • be a minimum of 18 years of age on day 1 of the course
  • hold the UKCC Level 1 Certificate in Coaching Basketball or equivalent
  • have evidence of having successfully attended the sports coach UK Safeguarding and Protecting Children workshop or equivalent prior to certificatio
  • have evidence of having successfully attended an appointed persons first aid course or equivalent prior to certification

The Level 2 course registration form is available here

The Level 2 course costs £420 per candidate (this cost is inclusive of a scUK Safeguading and Protecting Children and First Aid course). Candidates can apply for basketballscotland scholarship which will reduce the cost of the course to £210!!

UKCC Level 3

The Source Group are continuing to meet about the ongoing development of the UKCC Level 3 Award. The UKCC Level 3 course will be performance focused; as such British Basketball are supporting the development of the programme. The source group are hoping to put the course forward for endorsement by the UK Coaching Standards Group at the end of the year.

Please note that the UKCC Level 3 course has not yet been endorsed and the information below is subject to change including the pre-requisites. Please acknowledge while reading the information below that we are continuing to work on the developments of the Level 3.

The Level 3 course will be performance based. The source group are currently looking to develop additional CPD opportunities for Level 2 coaches wanting to expand their knowledge and continue developing who are not working at the performance level required for the UKCC Level 3.


Coaches will be appropriately prepared for the UKCC Level 3 in Basketball

  • Provide current or recent evidence of a minimum of two years practical experience at L2
  • Must be currently coaching within the National League in Scotland(U16, U18, Senior) and/or coaching within National Squads (U16, U18 or Senior)
  • Have evidence of being able to work with a range of players at the appropriate level which enables the candidate to meet the assessment specification of the qualification
  • Provide current or recent evidence of coaching the same group of players for a full basketball season within the past 3 years
  • Have attended a recognised child protection / safeguarding children course (dates within 3 years)
  • Have completed a recognised first / emergency aid course (must be within date)

Pre course work must be completed before day 1 of the course.

On successful completion of the UKCC Level 3 course, coaches will be able to:

  • establish potential performance benchmarks/indicators
  • establish participants current and potential performance needs
  • establish and agree goals with the participants and others
  • design a basketball coaching programme that meets the identified needs of participants
  • plan a detailed training cycle or phase associated with an aspect of the coaching programme
  • plan an evaluation schedule for basketball coaching programmes
  • establish and maintain a safe coaching environment for participants and others
  • establish and maintain supportive working relationships with participants and others
  • manage participants and others behaviour to ensure a safe and effective coaching environment
  • prepare participants and others for coaching programmes
  • deliver a basketball coaching programme
  • develop participants performance within the coaching programme
  • monitor and evaluate participants performance and development
  • monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of the coaching programme
  • monitor, evaluate and develop personal coaching practice
  • monitor, review and support the development of coaching practice.

While not confirmed; it is envisaged that there will be 8 days of learning plus two practical assessments.  The practical assessments will take place at games approved by the Source Group in conjunction with British Basketballs Performance Director. The learning will be delivered in a series of modules rather than full days. The modules will be delivered over the period of a year.

Guest speakers will present as appropriate in addition to those who will work to facilitate the course

The details above about the Level 3 are subject to change.

What benefits to Coaches will the UKCC changes bring?

  • The qualifications have been designed to meet the needs of our coaches and vitally our players at the appropriate levels
  • The Basketball UKCC levels are recognised qualifications that will sit on the Scottish Qualifications Framework
  • The qualifications will meet the UKCC endorsed quality standard
  • The coach tutors, assessors and verifiers are fully trained and accredited to deliver the best quality course for the candidates

What happens to existing qualifications?

Exisiting coaching awards will no longer be delivered (please note the the Getting Started course sits outwith the UKCC structure). Holders of coaching awards prior to January 2008 will be still be valid for a set time period. The date is yet to be agreed.

Bridging packs will be produced for the Level 2 and Level 3 awards to cover the knowledge gaps that exist between the old awards and the new UKCC coaching qualifications. Completion of the pack represents Phase 1 of converting to the new qualification. Phase 2 will involve applying for assessment. Details of this process are yet to be confirmed.

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