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Getting started

Getting Started Overview

What is the Getting Started Course?

The Getting Started award is basketballscotland’s introductory level leadership award. The award focuses on coaching beginners and young players, with a view to introducing them to basketball. During each course candidates will be continually assessed and given feedback on their knowledge of introducing individual skills.

This would be an ideal course for:

Senior School Pupils
Youth Workers
CSLA Pupils
FE/Higher Ed Students
Active Schools Team

Those completing the course will be able to lead young players under the supervision of qualified coaches. Candidates looking to become assistant or head coaches should be advised to complete the appropriate UKCC course.  This course will allow candidates to deliver blocks of coaching under the supervision of a qualified coach or teacher and will provide them with the necessary skills to assist at basketball festivals.

basketballscotland is delighted to have launched the newly revised Getting Started Basketball Leaders course . The course, as outlined above has been revised to bring it in line with UKCC principles. How-2-coach content has been introduced to the course to compliment the current and revised What-2- content. The resources has also been improved to include How-2- content. Top Tips for leaders has also been included.

How much does the course cost?

The course cost per candidate will be increased to £35.

This in crease is primarily to cover the increased cost of the materials, the resource is a more comprehensive introduction to basketball and will prove invaluable to leaders embarking on the coaching ladder. The What 2 content has almost doubled and with the addition of the How 2 content and Top Tips this manual is a fantastic new resource.

How many people can attend a course?

The minimum number will remain at 12, however the maximum number will increase to 20

How are the courses promoted?

We are taking steps to allow us to promote the Getting Started Course on a much more proactive basis, increase our ability to meet demand for courses (particularly during “work hours”.) and ultimately, increase the amount of courses delivered each year and the number of coaches introduced to coaching through this award

basketballscotland is delighted to announce that basketballscotland has accepted a proposal from SEE Consultants to manage, deliver and administer this programme.   SEE Consultants are led by basketballscotland’s UKCC Field Based Trainer, Adrienne Hunter.   The course will remain the property of basketballscotland and the management and delivery will be quality assured as such.

There are numerous benefits to this new delivering approach:

–          basketballscotland will be able to deliver more Getting Started courses across the country

–          basketballscotland will be able to meet the demand for week day courses

–          Increased income with little financial risk

–          More qualified Leaders

–          Increased quality of service to candidates

–          Improved consistency of delivery

–          Quality assurance of courses

–          A proactive approach will be taken to course organisation rather than the current reactive approach

–          Reducing the administration time in the office dedicated to this programme will allow further developments in other programmes

–          Higher quality resources have been produced

How do you organise a course?

To organise a Getting Started course contact Adrienne on:


Tel: 0131 317 7260

Mobile: 07813 70 2863

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