Thursday, Dec. 8, 2016

Scotland Kit gets to Kenya.

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Scotland Kit gets to Kenya.

Moyra Cowie, basketballscotland Board Member and Chair of basketball Grampian travelled to St Paul High School, Kevote, Embu in Kenya.

Moira Cowie explained “I have been going to Embu for 5 years and undertaken work at both this school and Kangaru Boys School, Embu” . Moira took some old Scotland Kit and donated to both schools in Kenya, “We gave both schools strips to wear which was very much appreciated”.

David Mckechnie from Portlethen Panthers and 2 other colleagues undertook some coaching with both school teams, exchanging play notes etc. Which both found very useful.

The Scotland Kit will be used by the teams this season, both schools play in inter regional competitions in Eastern province, Kenya.

We would like to wish the best to both school teams and thank all the people working to open basketball opportunities everywhere.


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