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Post Paralympics: Meet Volunteer Sean Mcphee.

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Post  Paralympics: Meet Volunteer Sean Mcphee.

Sean has been helping out with sitting volleyball in the Paralympics.  While he’s in London, he has been performing from floor moping to ball retrieving.  His job was to make sure there was no delay during the game involving floor maintenance and ball recovery. 

His participation is necessary for the Paralympics because without volunteers to help out with the sporting events, the games would not go as smoothly as possible. 

When we asked Sean about how he got to the Paralympics he said that it was a long and tedious process but well worth it.  Sean said, “I received an email from the head of the Young Ambassadors which I started in 2011 through the Firrhill High School and Active Schools. I only had to fill in a short application form which I sent away and then I was told I was successful a few weeks later.”  He also had to go travel to London and go through multiple interviews

Sean first got involved with basketball a few years ago when he started playing for Pentland.  He saw and friend playing which influenced his interest in the sport. He states, “The motivation from the other players and your coaches is great since they want you to enjoy yourself.”

Sean was questioned about how he feels about the opportunity that he has been given.  Sean claimed, “I think this is a fantastic opportunity as not many people can say that they have helped at one of the biggest sporting events in the world.  I also think that it is also a once in a lifetime opportunity which I will never be able to do again.” 

With regards to the influence that the Olympics will have on basketball in Scotland, the participant believes that this is a very big thing that will definitely help the sport grow, “People can watch the world’s best player in action which will influence people to become more involved”, he stated.  Sean sent a message to all those youngsters starting “If you work hard you can reach the top so join a club and give it a try and don’t wait for other to make the first move, make it yourself. Good luck to all the young players in Scotland!”

We are sure Sean has had a successful Paralympics journey.

Picture: Sean Mcphee (Standing with the mop left hand side)

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