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Post Paralympics: Meet NTO Victoria MacFarlane.

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Post Paralympics: Meet NTO Victoria MacFarlane.

Victoria Macfarlane has taken part in the 2012 Paralympic Games this summer in London.  Victoria has been a NTO (National Technical Official) for the Paralympic games.  She has been acting as a table official for the wheelchair basketball event.

Her participation has been key for the Paralypmics events because without officials games could not be played. Scores, fouls, substitutions, times need to be recorded and controlled by NTOs in order to keep track of the game, teams and players.

When questioned about how she got to the Paralympics they said that it was a long and tedious process but well worth it. Victoria said “ the process included several rules tests and game observations”. It included trips to the London Test event in the basketball arena at the Olympic Park. Moreover, her attendance at several meetings all over the country was necessary and they had to meet the detailed criteria put down by LOCOG. She stated, “All in all it took around a year of determination and commitment to get to this point.”

Victoria started playing basketball when she was 13 years old and she still loves every aspect of it. 

With regards to the influence that the Olympics will have on basketball in Scotland, she believes that this is a very big thing that will definitely help the sport grow, she said : “people can watch the world’s best players in action which will influence people to become more involved”.  Victoria mentioned that basketball isn’t the biggest sport in the United Kingdom and that having the Olympics/Paralympics in London can only help the sport grow. 

Victoria left us a motivational message for people getting into the sport saying, “Basketball is a brilliant sport with so many opportunities to succeed in your goals and achievements.”

We hope Victoria had a great Paralympic journey.

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