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National Officials Pre-Season Seminar 2012-2013

National Officials Pre-Season Seminar 2012-2013

On the last weekend of August basketballscotland and the Officials’ Commission hosted the 2012-2013 National Pre-Season Officials Seminar at the St Moden’s High School and at the Forthbank Performance Centre in Stirling.

In recent years referee education and development took a new height thanks to our support system, the Officials Commission (OC) and Scotland’s National Basketball Referee Instructor, Chris Dodds. We also have to thank our current referees and table officials who are dedicating their time to continue to develop themselves by attending seminars, international tournament, camps and taking on board instructors’ feedback.

This year’s event run over two days with an extended itinerary:

  • Coach – Referee relationship
  • On court mechanics training
  • Practical advice
  • Break out groups
  • Cooperation with table officials and mechanics
  • New rule changes
  • Rules test
  • Fitness test
  • basketballscotland clips: Criteria, Player/Coach behaviour, Verticality, Charge/Block, Unsportmanlike foul, Hand checking
  • FIBA Europe Teaching Material
  • Admin, assessments, NL forms, BS / OC expectations, professionalism.


On the first morning, prior to the on floor sessions with the coaches, the majority of the active National League referees in attendance ran the 20 metre Bleep Test to assess their fitness. The Officials Commission are delighted that over 80% of the referees running the test managed to attain the recommended level for their age and grade.

In an effort to further improve relationships between referees and coaches, plus provide an educational aspect for coaches regarding the rules of basketball and refereeing, Chris Dodds run a successful session involving over 25 coaches. We would like to thank the coaches for their active involvement.

In total 36 officials attended the seminar during the two days, including 9 female and 7 newly qualified, ambitious referee.

The 7 new referees who are attended their first Officials Seminar have already signed up to the new Officials Mentoring Program, developed and managed by Mariann Dodds-Miklosik, FIBA Referee.






The seminar dinner took place at the Sterling Management Centre on Saturday evening, where young and experienced referees shared their universal experiences. This year we had 2 young referees from Lithuania and 1 from Spain and 1 from Serbia.


The following morning referees refreshed their rules knowledge before the taking the annual test. The Officials Commission are satisfied that the majority of the referees achieved the pass mark of 80% or more. Even those who did not attain the pass mark  managed to get 65% or more, but referees rules knowledge can always be improved. The Officials’ Commission recommendation to all referees to continually maintain their rules knowledge by reading the FIBA rule book, 2 person mechanics book and official FIBA interpretations still stands.

The final session was held by Graham Shaw about the officials responsibilities before and after the games, including relevant paper work, admin, assessments, NL forms, BS / OC expectations, professionalism.


The Officials Commission and basketballscotland would like to thank


Marian Dodds-Miklosik – basketballscotland Officials Administrator for organising the two day event, referee dinner and producing the candidate resources and handouts

Eddie McKinley – for compiling the rules test and camera man on the fitness test

Tom Stobo – for compiling the training DVD

John Nicol – for DVDing games and providing material to help make the training DVD

Robert Bald/Americo Rodrigues/Ian Watt/Ian Gleghorn – for invigilating the fitness test and assistance on the event

Eddie McKinley/Robert Bald – for marking the rules tests

Graham Shaw – for presentation of officials responsibilities, including relevant paper work, admin, assessments, NL forms, BS / OC expectations, professionalism.

Chris Dodds – for the sessions and lectures


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