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The Rocks will be hosting their annual open try-outs in an effort to bolster their 2012/13 signings.

The trials will be held on Saturday 18th of August, at the Kelvin Hall ISA, from 11am1pm.

The try-outs are open to anyone over the age of 17 who is willing to commit to practice and compete with the Rocks on a regular basis. Rocks Head Coach, Serling Davis, will be putting potential players through their paces on the day.

“Open try-outs are always a great opportunity for any young basketball players looking to breakthrough to a professional level. In the past we have found some fantastic Scottish National and International players. The standard of players attending the try-outs is always very high, and I expect this year to be no different.”

Previous years have unearthed some amazing young talent including Gareth Murray, Jonny Bunyan and Martins Malnieks.

Jonny Bunyan answered some questions about the Rocks Programme:

How do you feel the programme has gone?

 I feel the programme went very well. Everything that I have taken part in this year in my mind has been a success and I have had a lot of fun doing it. The rookie programme has been a great experience for me both helping my basketball abilities and also my confidence in dealing with children and being part of a work force that was run very well. Everyone in the Scottish Sport Futures was extremely helpful in teaching me the ropes of the programme.

 If you were promoting the programme to someone else, what would be the selling point?

 I think there are many selling points to this particular programme. If the programme stayed the same as it did during my year then I think there was a real opportunity for rookies to improve during practice which I have heard has been an issue before. Everyday almost all the rookies are given a great environment to improve with excellent and knowledgeable players who offer their advice without hesitation. I think the group of players we had this year were a fantastic team that created an environment where everyone could get along easily which helps young players who may be nervous or anxious. Another selling point would be the road shows as I think they are very exciting and help create a bond between the rocks and SSF. I believe the SSF is in a strong position as well considering they can help to bring the team together and bond in ways which practice cannot achieve.

Ambitions for next season?

 My ambition for next season is to return as a pro. I believe I have shown I am capable of contributing to the team on court and that I would prove to be a positive long term investment to the rocks organisation both on and off court. As one of only two Scottish players in the team I believe I help to make the ordinary fan relate better to the team.

To sing up for the trial:



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