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Meet Alistair Maddock, Chris McBrierty and Malcolm Sutherland

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Meet Alistair Maddock, Chris McBrierty and Malcolm Sutherland

Alistair Maddock, Chris McBrierty and Malcolm Sutherland are Scotland’s statisticians selected to take part in the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.  The three officials will be working in the Olympics July 27th until August 12th and the Paralympics from August 29th until September 9th.  

Alistair, Chris and Malcolm will be working on both the men’s and the women’s basketball games.  The stats officials work in two teams of three on each game.  Each group records stats for one of the teams on the floor.  One of the members spots, one inputs the data by a touchscreen, and the third official acts as a note-taker and written backup for the other two. 

Their role in the Summer Games is essential for the game. The data collected includes the score, fouls, rebounds and assists.  These stats show how a player or a team is performing and how much they improve.

Alistair Maddock is a statistician who is participating in the Olympic Games this year.  Chris McBrierty and Malcolm Sutherland are also a statistician who will be working in the Olympics and Paralympics this summer.

Alistair, Malcolm and Chris were put forward by basketballscotland as potential Olympic statisticians.  When asked about their journey to get to this point they said, “We participated in a selection process which had stats practice, theory tests, and actual game sessions involved.  This also included covering the London Prepares warm-up event in 2011.”  Chris trained for the Olympics and Paralympics and claimed that there were a couple of issues regarding organisation involving the sessions, but it was an overall good process.  Alistair said, “I enjoyed the London Prepares games immensely and I’m confident that the Olympic tournaments will surpass them.” 

Being a late comer to the sport, Alistair started playing competitively when he was 17 years old.  He played a bit in university and then later took up table officiating and refereeing.  Now, Alistair is a referee for all levels of the National League having stopped playing a few years ago.  He loves the fact that it is a fun, fast-paced game for all involved.  He believes that the Olympics is the best chance to witness world-class basketball in London. 

We asked Alistair and Chris what they thought about this opportunity.  Alistair said the only word he could use to describe the experience was fantastic.  Chris responded, “Fantastic!  Really though, it’s a privilege and an honour to have been selected to be at the Olympics.”  Regarding the influence that the Olympics will have on basketball, Alistair stated, “I hope they inspire a new generation of young people to take up basketball in the UK.  If we can keep up the media presence and momentum I’m sure we can manage this.”  Chris believes that basketball is a great sport and its profile is increasing in the UK.  He states, “If you are involved, there are many opportunities to be a part of it and to travel and meet some great people.” 

We would like to wish Alistair, Chris and Malcolm a successful Olympic journey.

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