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U16 Women Spanish Trip Diary – Day 8

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U16 Women Spanish Trip Diary – Day 8

Scotland U16 Women – Last day in San Juan De Los Terreros

Day 8 of the Spanish camp got off to a good start with the team having a nice sleep in and a 10am breakfast. After this the players were given some free time until lunch to relax and begin to pack up their stuff. Spirits were still high from the day before and beating Unicaja so everyone was in a great mood and was looking forward to some free time.   

After beginning some packing some players decided to go to the beach to relax and have a swim whilst others went for an afternoon ice cream and then walked around the market that was in the area for the weekend. Some players used this opportunity to buy some gifts for family and friends with a few of the players getting hair braids.

Lunch time came around and the team caught up on what everyone had been up to. After a good lunch it was time for the afternoon siesta to relax before the evening training session. Again this was a chance for players to pack up their belongings and get organised for the rest of the day.

Everyone gathered downstairs prepared for their training session at the cage however, when everyone arrived at the outdoor court they saw there was a table tennis competition going on and became confused until Coach Romero revealed it was not a basketball training session they had but everyone had been entered into the table tennis tournament. All of the staff and players played in knock-out games and it was Coach Romero and player Sarah Hunter that were the last two standing at the end. After an exciting game it was Coach Romero that emerged as the winner and as he was telling everyone to gather their things together, the tournament organiser explained that because Luis had beaten everyone in that pool he then had to go on and face the winner of the other table, who just happened to be the tournament winner for the last 10 years undefeated. Although Luis put up a great fight throughout the game and even throwing in some back-hand curve shots, he could not manage to topple the winner and lost the game by 6 points in the end.   

After all of the excitement of table tennis it was then off to the beach where the team then had their last conditioning session with Assistant Coach Louise Gillespie. Once again Gillespie put the players through their paces and the team even managed to gather some spectators for their session. With everyone putting great effort into a tough session it was clear that while they enjoyed it they were also happy when it had ended.

From the beach the team then went for dinner for their final proper meal in San Juan. The staff at the restaurant had been treating everyone like celebrities for the whole week and they even asked for a picture with the whole squad after dinner.   

The Scotland players finished off their last full day in Spain with their final trip to the ice cream shop. With everyone sitting down and relaxing thinking about how much fun they have had in the past week it was the perfect way to end a great training camp and to finish final preparations for the FIBA tournament in Gibraltar.

You can follow the Scotland U16 women’s progress throughout their Spanish Camp on their official Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/pages/Scotland-U16-Womens-Squad-2012/349542885080237

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