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From the Board Room: October 2011

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A summary of what’s on the agenda following its meeting on Saturday 8 October 2011.

Topics and summary of discussions:

CEO Report – the Board noted the following:

Staffing Structure

Implementation of the new staffing structure had been progressed and was close to completion


Funding from sportscotland is confirmed with 5% increase.

Membership System

Prior to the first game of the National League season all National League players were registered and paid up.

Regional Development Leagues

Positive progress in the implementation of u12 and u14 leagues throughout Scotland.

National Development Squads

The National development squads have been competing over the last 2 months, which was positive for the squads but had caused issues with scheduling of National Competitions.  It was noted that this would be a key consideration in future planning.

British Basketball Joint Boards Meeting (BBJBM- 20 August 2011)

Feedback from the Board members who attended the meeting was positive with the overall opinion being that this meeting was used as an information gathering event.  A draft report of the outcomes of the meeting will be considered by the Project Board, who will then consider recommendations for the way forward.

Annual General Meeting (27 November 2011)

Discussions took place on arrangements for the 2011 AGM under the following headings: Date, Time and Venue; Board Rotation and Nominations; Review of Skills and Areas to Target for New Board Members; Honorary Vice President Nominations; Year End Finances (draft) and Annual Report (draft).

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