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U15 Girls NT Danish Trip Diary – Day 2

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   Day Two – First Day of the Tournament

   Our day began with a wake up at 6am. This was because the Hessen team that we were sharing with had their first game and it tipped off at 8.30am so they had to get up and get ready and have breakfast all before this.  All of the team and coaches woke up except for Shannon P who said she had slept through it all.  

   We all tried to get back to sleep but then eventually gave in and got up to begin getting ready for the day ahead. We were in the changing room of the sports hall and then a school class tried to get in to use the hall for their PE lesson. We didn’t realise that the school that we were staying in were still in classes today and they must not have realised that we were using the hall. We all got ready quickly and then just went for breakfast.

   At breakfast we were offered a selection of cereals and bread and while some of the girls didn’t want to have anything they changed their minds quickly after being told we wouldn’t have time for food until after our game. We did have time to go to the shop and pick up some bottles of water for our games and after game one we managed to lose almost all 12 bottles.

   Before we knew it it was time for our first game. We all went to the changing rooms to get kitted up and have our team chat to prepare for the game.  Our game against Denmark tipped off a 12pm and from the first whistle it was a tough game. The Danish team were fast and had a great 3 point shooter and although we dug deep and tried our best we unfortunately lost the game 74-44. Michelle was top scorer with 17 points and Mirren and Shannon P were joint second with 7 points each. It was a tough way to start the tournament but we knew that if we were to become better players and a better team we would have to learn from our mistakes and just focus on our next game against Berlin.

   In between games we had time to relax and sit and watch the U15 and U16 boys play some of their games and also to walk around and see some of the girls games from the older age group. It was good for us to see the standard of other teams and what kinds of things we would need to work on to get better as players.  

   Our game against Berlin started off rough, we came our strong and tried to show that we were a stronger team after our defeat earlier in the day. Despite some players getting into early foul trouble we managed to keep up with the pace of the game and at the beginning of the third quarter we were only down by 1 point. We battled hard throughout the remaining game time but unfortunately made a few silly mistakes and lost concentration (Abbie went on at one point not realising she had been subbed and we played with 6 players for a few seconds) that our opponents punished us for and from this we were never able to get our rhythm back and ended up losing the game 74-50. Taylor was top scorer in this game with 13 points with Katie second with 8 points and then Michelle with 7 points. We were all disappointed to lose our second game of the day especially after we were so close up until the third quarter.

   After a disappointing day on the court we went and got showered and watched the U15 boys play their last game of the day which didn’t tip off until 9pm. Once the game was over it was back to our airbeds to have a sleep and try to think of ways we could improve on our performances from today so that when we play Hessen tomorrow we will do a better job.

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